Current RCO Contract Tasks

Task 1 Review and evaluate the WDFW and NWIFC annual PCSRF Hatchery Reform Project Proposals.

Task 2 Review and evaluate Mitchell Act Hatchery Reform Project Proposals.

Task 3 Review and evaluate WDFW capital budgets submitted to OFM.

Task 4 Review Hatchery Genetic Management Plans (HGMPs) for scientific consistency with HSRG hatchery reform principles.

Task 5 Complete written products, participate in meetings, provide presentations and complete review assignments as assigned by HSRG Chair.

Task 6 Assist WDFW in developing additional analytical methods (tools) and providing staff training and/or case specific solutions that aid in achieving the guidelines established by the Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Policy on Hatchery and Fishery Reform.

Task 7 Participate in Lower Columbia commercial alternative gear implementation project.

Task 8 Provide up to two HSRG members to participate in various ad hoc hatchery advisory groups in the PNW.

Task 9 Website Maintenance and Administration.

Task 10 Project Management.